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Louise Siffert

From Saturday 1 September to Friday 30 November 2018

Louise Siffert puts on performances within sculptural arrangements permitting the manipulation of objects as props for telling stories. Everything that is said is true and grounded in common sense. The offbeat tone—slightly professorial and deliberately naïve—heightens the absurd nature of her logical developments.

Her analyses of situations are copied onto contemporary management theories. In particular, the Maslow pyramid, named after that American sociologist famous for his hierarchic diagram of requirements, and used as much for marketing as for human resource management. If the spirit and references are recurrent in the work, they strike a different chord and subject with every project, including the public, by way of collective performances and staged presentations with amusing physical performers and demonstrations.

Based on research into more or less scientific phenomena, her praxis stems from sharing knowledge—though always a transformed and perverted knowledge. Her “Center of positive organizations,” is a performative bureau around which different people can be involved. Well-being, work motivation, and personal development lie at the heart of this area of exchange, whose earlier activity is presented on video. This fictional coaching enterprise mischievously copies the bureaucratic world, which, beneath its peaceful and cozy appearance, also conveys anxiety and violence. The tertiary aesthetic discreetly critiques economies relieved of knowledge which are today invading the corporate world, as well as the art world—with both domains sharing increasingly the same ideologies, if not the same forms. Like appendices of late capitalism, these psychologically-oriented and morally confused forms of discourse—somewhere between New Age and bottom line—are re-placed by Louise Siffert at the heart of their theatrical futility: between pathetic tragedy and comedy, which portrays how the exacerbation of an imperious positivity is trying to counterbalance the growth of a violence at work in the economic world.

Guillaume Désanges


The artist residency programme is organised by the CAC - la synagogue de Delme in collaboration with the Lorraine Regional Natural Park and the Commune of Lindre-Basse.